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When people think of smile makeovers, porcelain veneers usually come to mind. While veneers can be used in a smile makeover, they aren’t the only cosmetic dental treatment available to revamp your smile. A true smile makeover combines a mixture of dental treatments to give you a beautiful smile you can be proud of.

A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance of the smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as:

  • Dental veneers
  • Composite bonding
  • Tooth implants
  • Teeth whitening

Smile Makeover Treatment Options

We will work with you to come up with a smile makeover plan to meet your unique needs and give you the results you desire. We will first address oral health concerns to make sure that your mouth is healthy enough for cosmetic treatments. After that, we will work together to decide on the best approach to correcting your smile. A smile makeover may include a combination of any of the following popular smile correction treatments:

  1. Dental Veneers: Porcelain veneers, also called dental veneers, are layered, extremely thin sheets of porcelain that are placed on teeth and bonded in place. Veneers look like natural teeth and instantly brighten, straighten, and even strengthen your smile.
  2. Teeth Whitening: Professional teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic dental treatment amongst patients looking to brighten their smile. Whether you need a take-home whitening kit, custom-fitted teeth whitening trays, or in-office teeth whitening treatments, the highly concentrated whitening gel used in these professional-grade options are much stronger and longer-lasting than drugstore whitening options.
  3. Tooth-Coloured Fillings: Fillings have come a long way thanks to modern advancements in dental technologies. If you have old silver fillings, your dentist may be able to replace them with tooth-coloured fillings. These fillings are made from a composite resin and shaded to match your unique tooth color. The white color will make them virtually invisible to everyone.
  4. Composite/Tooth-Coloured Bonding: If you have a chip or crack in your tooth, a tiny gap between your teeth, or a stain, tooth-coloured dental bonding solution can be used to conceal these smile imperfections and others. It is a quick treatment that doesn’t require anaesthesia, nor does it reduce your tooth’s structure. Your dentist will simply clean your
    tooth, rub it with a mild bonding solution, apply the composite resin in several coats, and then shape the bonding to match your smile.
  5. Dental Implants: If you have one or a few missing teeth, dental implants can help restore your smile. An implant is a titanium screw that acts as an artificial root for your replacement tooth. The “root” fuses to your jawbone over several months and then a dental crown is attached to it to restore full tooth functionality. Dental implants and crowns are made to look and function just like your natural teeth.
  6. Dental Crowns: While dental crowns are mostly used for restorative purposes, they also offer aesthetic uses when you need a smile makeover. Because dental crowns look like natural teeth, they can be used to add length to teeth or cover up flaws like cracks or chips.
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