Dental Care for kids

Pediatric Dentistry is a dental specialty that concentrates its attention on infants and children providing preventive and therapeutic oral health care. During the “growth” phase of a child, special approaches are needed to guide the dental growth and development in order to avoid future dental problems.

Milk teeth are as important as permanent ones because:

  • Baby teeth are important in proper feeding and nutrition.
  • Milk teeth serve as space maintainers for the proper spacing and alignment of the permanent teeth.
  • Healthy milk teeth are crucial in helping the baby learn how to speak properly.
  • Healthy-looking teeth are important in building self-confidence at an early age. Small children because of immaturity are quick to tease peers about ugly-looking or decayed teeth.


  • How many teeth are present
  • Are all teeth present
  • Loose teeth if any
  • Braces / bite evaluation
  • Cavity check
  • Check health of gums
  • Habit evaluation
  • Homecare / prevention
  • Fluoride use
  • Review diet
  • Sddress adult’s concerns
  • Teach adults how to care for child’s teeth

Common Procedures Include

  • FLUORIDE APPLICATIONS (For prevention from effects of chocolates; Colas; sticky foods on teeth)
  • PIT & FISSURE SEALS (Most recommended way of caries prevention by blocking deep pits & fissures of teeth )
  • FLUORIDE FILLINGS (for correction of cavities in milk& permanent teeth)
  • ORTHODONTIC ASSESSMENT (opinion from specialist Orthodontist whether your child needs Braces)
  • HABIT BREAKING APPLIANCES (For correction of bad habits like Thumb-sucking; Mouth breathing; Tongue –thrusting)
  • SPACE MAINTAINERS (To allow the permanent tooth to erupt in place if milk tooth has shed off or extracted early.)
  • SCALING & POLISHING OF TEETH (to prevent any gum problem)